If you are thinking of buying, or have, a painting by me you may like to read this
Artists Statment by Martin Piercy

It is nice that a painting can take me on a journey to a place and time that was special or take the viewer to a place and time that we would love to be ... a place offering adventure or peace, maybe the sunshine on a cold winters day, a sunset and the smell of the fresh sea air and the sea birds squawking and diving as my fishing boat crashes through another wave, I can watch two lovers walking on the shiny wet sand or see the deer in a quiet spot in the New Forest morning mist. A world of play and dreams that can come to life in a painting ... I love it

Painting can bring back memories, some sad and some good, forgotten dreams remembered and bit by bit they all come back to life in my work - you may not see them ... you may see something else from your own life - but in every painting is my life - you may see a simple painting of the sea and boats but I see and smell my love of the sea, my adventures, and cherished memories - a holiday, a lover, fun rain and cold - the young boy looking out of his bedroom window at the great ocean going ships navigating Southampton water, the old Queen Elisabeth, Queen Mary, and many, more gliding along in the days when a cruise was something for only the rich and wealthy - I would stand at my open window and watch the splendor of those great ships all lit in the dark of night and on a quiet night I could hear the band play and imagine those suave and sophisticated people dancing on deck. That is just part of what you get from one of my paintings - part of me becomes part of your life and it is alway a privilege and never just a job for me.